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Short courses to up-skill your skills and knowledge. Training Evolution currently offers the Food Safety Supervisor Skill Set qualification. 


SITss00017 – food safety supervision  

Under the Food Act, every licensable food business in Queensland is required to have a Food Safety Supervisor. Ensure you are current in industry and competitive in the market with this integral skill set.  

The ‘EVOLVE-d’ course equips participants with the understanding of rules and regulations around safe food handling as well as the ability to supervise other staff to do the same. This skill set is ideal for any person already working in industry. That could be any hospitality, tourism or catering organisation coming in contact with food. Delivered over 1 day and covering two units: SITXFSA002 – Participate in safe handling practices + SITXFSA001 – Use hygienic practices for food safety. This could be a great promotion pathway to a supervisory role. Our qualified trainers, with current industry experience will mentor you through the program!  

So what are you waiting for? Gain a new qualification and increase your career opportunities in the vibrant hospitality industry! 

Key Facts

  • Cost – $150 
  • SITSS00017 – Food Safety Supervision Statement of Attainment 
  • Delivered over 1 day and covers two units: SITXFSA002 – Participate in safe food handling practices + SITXFSA001 Use Hygienic practices for food safety
  • Industry experienced trainer 
  • No course pre-requisites 

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