FREQUENtly asked questions

How do I enrol in a Training Evolution course?

Fill out the contact us form and we will contact you to start the enrolment process. 

How much do Training Evolution courses cost?
This varies depending on the course, course duration and course funding. Contact us for more details or visit the specific course pages

Do I get paid for my work?

Yes, if you are completing a traineeship or apprenticeship! You get paid for all the work you complete, but not for training. 

I've lost my certificate, can I get another one?

Yes, either call the office on 1300 648 145 or email us on evolve@te.edu.au to request a copy.

A charge is incurred:

  • Student Academic History: $30
  • Student Records: $30
  • Statement of Attainment: $15
  • Duplicate Receipts: $10
How do I get in contact with my trainer?

Please call the office on 1300 648 145 and we can supply you with your trainers email address. 

I am having issues with Cloud Assess (student portal) who do I contact?
If you are having any issues with Cloud Assess please contact your trainer directly and they will assist you.  

How do I find an employer to take me on as a School Based Trainee /Apprentice/Trainee?
Check out the Training Evolution traineeships page here to view any vacancies for traineeships, or visit your school’s industry liaison officer. If you have a specific workplace in mind please feel free to contact our business development team to see how we can best assist. 

How do I submit my time sheet?

Call our office on 1300 648 145 and speak directly to our accounts department, they will happily assist and talk you through the process if you are having difficulties.  

How often do I go to work and training as part of my School Based Traineeship /Apprenticeship or Traineeship?
This varies depending on the qualification. Contact us for more details on 1300 648 145 or email us on evolve@te.edu.au

What happens if I change schools during my traineeship?
You will need to confirm with your new school they can continue with your traineeship. Training Evolution will help you do the rest!

Is there a cost for employers to have a trainee?

Yes, speak with our business development team to find out more. 

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