Course Fees
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Qualification CodeQualification TitleNumber of Units Non Concession co-contribution Non Concession Co-contribution fee per unitConcession Co-contribution feeConcession Co-contribution fee per unit
BSB30120Certificate III in Business13 $49.00 $3.76 $25.00 $1.92
SIT30616Certificate III in Hospitality15 $49.00 $3.26 $25.00 $1.66
SIT30616Certificate III in Hospitality
(Dawn and Leonard Experience includes uniform all food and alcohol to be trained and assessed)
15 $225.00 $15.00 $135.00 $9.00
SIT40516Certificate IV in Commercial Cookery Kitchen33 $900.00 $27.27 $800.00 $24.24
SIT50416Diploma of Hospitality Management28 $900.00 $32.14 $800.00 $28.57
SIT50416Diploma of Hospitality Management
( Emporium Academy includes uniform and work experience)
28 $3,000.00 $107.14 $2,500.00 $89.29
FNS40217Certificate IV in Accounting13 $900.00 $69.25 $800.00 $61.55
Refund Policy
A student will receive a refund if:
  • Training Evolution cancels the course unit of competency (automatic refund); and/or
  • Credit Transfer is granted for a unit of competency.

In other circumstances, refunds are applicable as follows:

  • If the student withdraws 14 days or more prior to the commencement date of the course – full refund.
  • If the student withdraws 7-14 days prior the commencement date of the course – 50% refund.
  • If the student withdraws 7 days or less prior to the commencement date of the course – nil refund.

An Application for Refund form can be obtained from Training Evolution and must be completed. For cancellations after the commencement date, supporting documentation must also be presented.

A refund may not be available on all courses. A refund may take two to four weeks to process.

*Information is subject to change, including start dates and course details. Whilst every attempt is made to ensure that information is accurate and up to date at the time of printing and distribution, some information is subject to change without notice.

**Training Evolution does not collect any more than $1500.00 at any one time. 

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